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Lighthouseidea.com is a company dedicated to consultation and tuition of entrepreneurs with new businesses in project development at early stages.

Lighthouseidea.com was created to build a business community that will connect entrepreneurs to advisers specializing in business creation, high-risk investors, product expertise, human resources, public relations, marketing, legal, consultancy, as well as media and business creation professionals (“Tutors”). This network is to offer the tools and advice to help entrepreneurs to transform their ideas into successful businesses.

What we do

When you have a new idea, you are on your own.

Many entrepreneurs have seen their ideas and projects brought to life thanks to Lighthouseidea.com through the connection between entrepreneurs and our Tutors network.

Lighthouseidea.com‘s goal is to embrace and analyze at an early stage, the viability and potential of a new business project or business idea. Also to search for the right combination of elements – talent, capital raising, trade interest and human capital – in order to successfully develop these ideas and offer the entrepreneur the right connections to boost the potential of their ideas or projects.

Lighthouseidea.com will:

  • Study the viability of the new business project or idea, and report its potential
  • Design a strategy to present the project or idea to the Tutors network, contacting those who they believe have the required skills to advise, collaborate or fund the business project genesis
  • Accompany the entrepreneur from the embryonic stage of the project until it is brought to life in a new business reality with the guidance of the Tutors


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